Willowood Park

Willowood Park, a two-story contemporary office building in Liverpool, offers tenant-ready spaces, state-of-the-art climate control, and free parking for up to 150 cars.

Special Interest Points

  • Located in the heart of Syracuse’s northern suburbs
  • Professionally landscaped grounds with brick sidewalks, earthen berms, and lush plantings
  • Newly renovated lobby featuring mahogany doors and trim, plush carpeting, marble accents, and architectural lighting
  • Large bronze-tinted windows
  • Relatively steady office and commercial development in the neighborhood
  • Desirable location with a good identity and access to and from all the interstate routes
  • Within proximity to well-known businesses
  • Projections for the demand for office building space, land, and property and rental rates are promising
  • Increased demand is indicated for the foreseeable future

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