Willowood Park

Willowood Park is a two-story contemporary office building with a contemporary style, located in Liverpool, New York.

Special Interest Points:

  • Located on NYS Thruway Exit 37, one mile from Route 81, in the heart of Syracuse’s northern suburbs
  • Tenant space ready to occupy
  • Free parking for up to 150 cars
  • Professionally landscaped grounds with brick sidewalks, earthen berms and lush plantings
  • Newly renovated lobby featuring mahogany doors and trim, plush carpeting, marble accents and architectural lighting
  • State of the art climate control
  • Large bronze tinted windows
  • The subject property is located on the northeast corner of the intersection of Seventh North Street and the New York State Thruway interchange at Exit 37, County of Onondaga, State of New York. Seventh North Street is a secondary east/west street beginning at Electronics Parkway, west of the subject and extending eastward into the City of Syracuse to its intersection with Grant Boulevard. The neighborhood has seen relatively steady office and commercial development over the past several decades.
  • New developments within the subject neighborhood are the construction of a Homewood Suite Hotel and a Hampton Inn, east of the subject. The hotels are located within the Thruway Office Park and services the subject neighborhood. A Bob Evans Restaurant and a Pilot Trucking Convenience Center were also recently completed within one-half mile east of the subject site.
  • Lockheed Martin, located within one-half mile of the site, recently purchased the former General Electric office and industrial park. They currently employ nearly 2,000 people.
  • The Village of Liverpool is located within one-half mile west of the site.
  • In summary, the subject enjoys a desirable location with good identity and access to and from all the interstate routes. It is located in close proximity to the well-known businesses of Lockheed Martin, Bob Evans, the Holiday Inn, Homewood Suite Hotel and Hampton Inn.
  • Projections for the demand for office building space, for land, and for property and rental rates are promising. Increased demand is indicated for the foreseeable future.

Building Specifications

The subject site is improved with 2 two-story buildings.

The larger of the two office buildings, Building A, is a two-story concrete and steel office building containing a total area of 23,500+ sf. Improvements to the site include substantial roof work, resetting of exterior lighting facilities, re-flashing to the skylights, new flashing around all roof penetrations, and repair/replacement of HVAC units, as needed.

The smaller of the two office buildings, know as Building B, is a 6,000+ sf two-story office building. The building is in good condition. The building has a new Trane 10 ton gas-fired HVAC unit located on the roof. The buildings are functional as either multi- or single tenant offices. Adequate parking is available on site. The buildings, after remodeling, are in very good condition.